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Makers example Lizard robot

The Lizard robot can be built using 3 GCubes. It is capable of moving in all directions—up, down, left, and right—and can execute missions such as detecting and avoiding obstacles.
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Makers example Seesaw robot

The Seesaw robot can be created using 2 GCubes. It is designed for missions such as balancing the center of gravity and can implement an automatic seesaw mode mission using the built-in gyro sensor in the GCube.
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Makers example Robotic pulley

This robot is created by inserting a pulley link into a GCube. It can be expanded with one or multiple GCubes, and in this project, an example of a Spiderman mission using 2 G-cubes is shown.
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Makers example Rotation table

By connecting 2 GCubes in pairs, one GCube can control the rotation of the other GCube. The gyro sensor in the controlling GCube is used to control the motor direction of the other GCube.
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Maker example Mood light

This Mood lamp utilizes a cube. It powers LED lights using electricity supplied by the cube, arranges the cube like a rotating table, and allows for the creation of a personalized mood lamp with beautiful patterns.
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Lizard robot
Seesaw robot
Robotic pulley
Rotation table
Mood light

Open Source

App/Scratch를 활용한 다양한 교육 컨텐츠, 나만의 핑퐁 로봇 개발을 위한 주요 3D 프린팅 데이터,
전문적인 언어(Python/JAVA/C)로 핑퐁 로봇제어를 위한 프로토콜 및 예시자료를 공개해 드립니다.

Maker’s Activity list
PingPong protocol
Python/JAVA/C example